Diretor Presidente ClaynorClaynor F. Mazzarolo, PhD. Chief Executive Officer of the Institute Brasilia of Technology and Innovation – IBTI, in the Brazilian Capital, Brasília, focused on Information and Communications Technologies.

Dr. Mazzarolo is the author and co-author of several papers, "A Method for SOA Maturity Assessment and Improvement", in IEEE Latin America Transactions. Vol.:13, Iss.:1, Jan. 2015. ISSN: 1548-0992; Survey About SOA Adoption by Organizations in Brazil. X Simpósio Brasileiro de Sistemas de Informação, Maio, 2014, Londrina, Paraná; SOA Governance Dynamics in a Multiparadigm Approach. In: 32nd International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, 2014, Delft. Proceedings of the 32nd International Conference, 2014; A Service – Oriented Software Development Methodology for Outsourced Working Force. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, v. 7972(2), p. 559-573, 2013; A Multi-Paradigm Approach For SOA Governance in it Companies. International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science (IJITCS), v. 9(2), p. 143-153, 2013; SOA Governance Dynamics for IT Organizations. In: the 31st International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, 2013, Cambridge, Massachusetts USA. Conference Proceedings, 2013; A Multi Paradigm Approach for SOA Governance in IT Companies. In: International Conference on Information, Communication & Computer Networks, 2013, Bangkok. Proceeding of ICICCN 2013, 2013; “Pato Branco Technology Park and the transformation of Pato Branco Region in a Technopolis” (Proceedings XX World Conference 2003, Lisbon); “Attracting Knowledge-Based Companies: Lessons from Posadas (Argentina) - Pato Branco (Brazil) Innovation Corridor” (Proceedings XXI World IASP Conference – 2004, Bergamo); “New Horizons for Science and Technology Parks: a Brazilian – Argentinean Perspective” (Proceedings XXVII IASP World Conference – 2010 – Daejeon).

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