IT Law

What is it?

It was passed for the purpose of fostering and strengthening training and competitiveness in the field of IT and automation. This law (n. 8.248, of 23rd of October of 1991) offers sky-high appealing incentives, such as significant reduction on Tax Manufactured Products (IPI).

Who may me benefited?

In order to do justice to this benefit, companies must meet a few requirements, such as having registered the Basic Productive Process (PPB) at the Science and Technology Ministry. However, the main requirement for companies to enjoy these benefits is the obligation of investing on Research and Development along with institutions licensed by the Information Technology Committee (ITC) from the MCT. 

How to get the benefit

Firstly, one must elaborate the Basic Productive Process. From there, the PPB must be registered at the Ministry of Science and Technology, and one must seek a Ministry licensed for receiving this kind of resource.

In October 2013, IBTI obtained the ITC licensing for performing Research, Development and Innovation activities in cooperation with companies benefited by the Good Law, therefore, embracing R&D projects that the companies need in order to be benefited by the law. Thus, IBTI is highly capable of aiding companied in each step of the process of obtaining the benefits offered by the law.

How may we help?

In every single step. IBTI offers comprehensive consulting, from the PPB elaboration to the research and development activities themselves. The Institution has a highly qualified team that allows your company to be substantially benefited by the law, as well as reap the fruits arising from innovation.

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