IBTI’s governance bodies:

  • General Meeting
  • Board of Administration
  • Supervisory Board
  • Scientific-Technical Council
  • Executive Management

General Meeting

It is constituted by the full associates and presided over by one of the participating associates. The ordinary meeting is held once a year and it may be extraordinarily summoned by the Chief Executive Officer at all times, or by at least 1/5 of the associates. The General Meeting is responsible for: Electing and dismissing members of the Board of Administration and Supervisory Board, in addition to hearing appeals against the Board’s decisions.

Board of Administration

It is constituted of six of IBTI’s associates, elected in the General Meeting. Four professionally competent members of the scientific community are also elected. The other two members are appointed by IBTI’s employees. All deliberations must be made by, at least, 2/3 of the members. Some of the responsibilities of the Board of Administration are:      

  • Determining the entity’s scope of action, for achieving its goal.
  • Deliberating on IBTI’s policies, guidelines and strategies, guiding the Executive Management on fulfilling its duties and responsibilities.
  • Signing contracts in general, agreements and cooperation agreements proposed by the Executive Management.  
  • Approving the institution’s plans, programs, goals, guidelines, strategies and suggestions to ensure the achievement of its goals.
  •  Supervising the management of board members and the fulfillment of guidelines and defined goals.

Supervisory Board

It is constituted of threes sitting members and the same number of deputy members. Preferably, all of which shall be competent in Accounting Sciences, Administration, Law or Economic Sciences. The Supervisory Board meets twice a year and it is responsible for:

  • Supervising the enforcement of IBTI’s legal and procedural duties.
  • Examining and submitting reports on the budget presented by the Executive Management.
  • Analyzing contracts that give costs to the entity’s property.
  •  Submitting reports on the Executive Management’s annual accounts.

Scientific-Technical Board (CTC) 

It is the advisory body of the Board of Administration and Executive Management. It is constituted of a maximum number of nine members, consisting of figures of notable actions and notorious knowledge on the areas of science, technology and academic, cultural and corporate research. 

Its main role is to counsel the Chief Executive Officer on the formulation of the scientific and technological activities. CTC is responsible for:

  • Suggesting strategies and actions for full implementation of IBTI’s goals.
  • Annually assessing the performance of the Institution’s activities, in its technical, scientific, economic, industrial and human resources training aspects. 
  • Suggesting to the Board of Administration the formation of committees of experts.

Executive Management

It is responsible for planning, running, managing and meeting the Statute and the Board of Administration’s deliberations. In addition to that, it employs IBTI’s strategies and activity plans, following the policies established by the Board of Administration. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for chairing the Institution, running IBTI’s activities, coordinating board members and signing deals, agreements and contract managements, among other responsibilities.  

DECREE N. 33.959 of October 26 2012. DODF N. 219 29-10-2012: Qualification as Social Organization of the Brasilia Institute of Technology and Innovation – IBTI. 


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